DXN Monascus 90 Capsules in Pakistan

DXN Monascus 90 Capsules in Pakistan

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What is Monascus?

Monascus is a rice grain product fermented by using the yeast, Monascus Purpureus. The fermented rice mostly appears in its natural red colour. Thus, it is also commonly known as Red Yeast Rice or Red Rice.

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What are the benefits of Monascus?

  1. Monascus helps in regulating and promoting normal blood cholesterol level.
  2. What are the ingredients in DXN Monascus?
  3. 100% Monascus Purpureus or Red Yeast Rice only.

What are the active compounds in Monascus?

There are many active compounds in Monascus. Scientists have identified that Monacolin K (a potent inhibitor of HMG-CoA reductase or a natural lovastatin) is the most active compound found in Monascus which acts to inhibit the cholesterol synthesis in the liver, hence controlling the cholesterol levels of the blood.

Who or which group of people should consume Monascus?

Monascus is highly recommended for people who are at the risk of developing high blood cholesterol, which includes obese and imbalanced diet group, stressed and unhealthy lifestyle people (who are at higher risk of developing heart diseases) and menopause or post-menopause women (due to hormone imbalance).

How many capsules of DXN Monascus should I take daily?
2 capsules twice daily to achieve the optimum effect.

What is the storage condition of this product? Any special precautions to preserve its freshness?

Keep in a cool dry place. Best stored between temperatures of 24ºC - 28ºC and avoid from excessive heat and light.

I am currently on prescription medicine from a doctor but I prefer a more natural way to control my cholesterol level. I would like to take DXN Monascus, how should I start?

Monascus should not be taken with cholesterol-lowering medication known as HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor (such as statin, pravastatin etc) because it may enhance the medication effect which may lead to overdose. You should consult your health care specialist should you wish to change the way you control your cholesterol level.

Do we have any published reference regarding the effectiveness and safeness of the Monascus ingredients for human consumption and ability to control blood cholesterol?

Red Yeast Rice or Monascus is the traditional remedy that has been listed in the Compendium of Materia Medica, Traditional Chinese Medicine by Li Shi Zhen, as beneficial in improving blood circulation, aiding digestion and treating abdominal pain. Recent studies have also found that it helps in controlling our blood cholesterol levels. Besides that, you may find other related articles on it in any medical websites.

What is its difference with Vinaigrette?

DXN Monascus is available in capsule form which is more convenient to be consumed while travelling. The capsule form of monascus contains red yeast rice as its only ingredient while the Vinaigrette contains fermented red yeast rice and Ganoderma as ingredients. From the functional aspect, Monascus is mainly used to promote normal blood cholesterol level while DXN Vinaigrette is an alkaline drink which keeps your body pH balanced and gears up your energy all day long.

What is the use of Monascus in other groups of people, for example, children and pregnant ladies?

High cholesterol problem is less prevalent among children in normal conditions. For pregnant ladies, it is recommended that they seek professional healthcare advice before consuming any medications/supplements.

Is there any other precaution for consuming this monascus?

Alcoholic and liver diseases or liver disease history patients are not advised to consume Monascus.

Should DXN Monascus be consumed before or after meal?

DXN Monascus can be consumed either before or after meal.

What is the difference between Monascus and Ganoderma? As we all know, Ganoderma helps in promoting good health, so why is Monascus still needed if I have already been consuming RG and GL?

Ganoderma is a herb that is good in regulating your body's inner system and promoting your body's overall well being. Once your inner body is well regulated, your health will be retained. However, Monascus is good in controlling the cholesterol in the body more directly. With the combination of both supplements, there is a synergistic effect on maintaining your optimum cholesterol level and good health.

I do not have any problems with my cholesterol level. Can I still consume Monascus?

Eventhough you are in good health, you may develop high cholesterol (Men aged 45 years or older and women aged 55 years or older are at an increased risk of high cholesterol.), you may consider to consume Monascus to regulate and maintain the normal cholesterol levels of your blood.

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