Zeagra Delay Spray in Pakistan

Zeagra Delay Spray in Pakistan

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Price : 2000 PKR Special Price 1500 PKR - 25% Off
Size - 20gm
Brand - Zeagra Delay Spray
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Zeagra Delay Spray for Men 20gm - Instant Result - Over 200 Sprays Several types of treatment are available to help delay ejaculation. These include sprays that a person can apply directly to the penis.

Zeagra Delay Spray for Men 20gm - Instant Result - Over 200 Sprays

Zeagra Delay Spray is perfect for a man who really wants to impress his female partner by prolonging his sex sessions for an unusual amount of time. Zeagra Delay Spray is the best Delay Spray in India as it lets him prolong the sexual pleasure which ladies crave it every time. Zeagra Delay Spray online in India cater the satisfaction and pleasure to the utmost levels every time he sprays it over his manhood. This is known for creating excitement, fulfilment, high pleasure, fun, enjoyment in the lovemaking and last but not least it eliminates the premature ejaculation. To get ready for a night full of action, time seems to stop with this Delay Spray from Zeagra. This Delay Spray is tested for any possible side effects and to provide you with skin-friendly delay spray to enjoy eroticism. Long-lasting Performance with this Delay Spray specially formulated stimulant. This Delay Spray will help you ensure a satisfying happy ending for both of you and your partner.

Buy Zeagra Delay Spray for Extra time

Zeagra Delay Spray will let you extend your sexual intercourse extra time than you could ever think of. Zeagra Delay Spray is free from side effects and helps to have exciting sensation and safe sex. Zeagra Delay Spray is made by using recent techniques. Buy Zeagra Delay spray for men online in India to have titillating and scintillating sex with your lovebug in bed. So, it would be the best possible solution for men who are experiencing premature ejaculation and it will stop you from all kinds of embarrassment. Zeagra Delay Spray online in India is clinically tested and has no side effects and quality of the Delay Spray is top-notch. Zeagra Delay Spray Delay Spray comes in spraying can that weighs 20 grams. It is available online in India at shycart where you can buy it in a discreet packing. Buy Zeagra Delay spray for men online in India to kick out premature ejaculation from our life.

Zeagra Delay Spray Product Specification:

Type        Delay Spray/Long-lasting spray
Material  Lidocaine or Benzocaine
Brand      Zeagra
Weight    20 Grams
Quantity 1
Price Rs.220
Colour Colourless
Key Ingredients Lidocaine/Benzocaine
Safety Skin-friendly

Zeagra Delay Spray Delay Spray is different from the usual Benzocaine Delay Spray. Because Benzocaine is used in this delay spray online in India is the highest quality ensuring best delay spray in India. During intercourse, this delay spray is sprayed over the penis to make it slightly numb as the benzocaine are known as the common local anaesthesia. The beauty with Zeagra Delay Spray is that while it gets numbed slowly, it can be felt during the intercourse a lot better as compared to other Delay Spray, which numbs completely and make it completely less sensitive.

What is the Zeagra delay spray price in Pakistan?

The Zeagra Delay Spray price is Rs.1500 for a 20 g delay spraying can for men. Moreover, you can get this product delivered at your doorstep when you buy Zeagra Delay Spray online – a perfect place to buy intimate stuff without compromising your privacy. We assure you to deliver it with a completely discreet packing.


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