Vaginal Tightening Stick in Pakistan

Vaginal Tightening Stick in Pakistan

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Vaginal Shrinking Reusable Vaginal Tightening Rejuvenation Stick in Pakistan

Does vaginal tightening stick work?

“I wouldn't recommend any kind of herbal stick because the safety profiles aren't out there and there's no data to back up their claims. The effects on the body are undetermined. If you use it, you're taking a gamble on whether or not it is safe and going to work.vagina tightening product pink vagina tighten stick tight loose vagina

Vaginal Shrinking Reusable Vaginal Tightening Rejuvenation Stick in Pakistan

  • Help Restore the Fun of Marriage: Help to relax the vagina and restore the fun of marriage.
  • Prevent Bacterial Infections: To prevent bacterial infections, remove bad secretions, odor, keep dry and comfortable, happy life.
  • Promote Uterine Contraction: Menstruation and postpartum uterine contraction, lochia accelerated elimination, promote metabolism.
  • Enjoy Your Sex Time: Prevent cross-infection in couples' sexual life. Delay helps you attain your sexual goals. This includes making your sexual partner satisfied and happy.
  • Reusable Vaginal Stick: Women are strictly prohibited during menstruation; products can be used repeatedly, and stored in a cool place after use.

The Function Of Vaginal Tightening Wand          

  • Help slack vaginal contraction,restoration wedding fun;
  • To prevent bacterial infection,the elimination of bad secretions,and odors,dry and comfortable,detoxification anti-inflammatory;
  • To help post-natal uterine contraction and accelerate the elimination of lochia,promote metabolism;
  • The prevention and treatment of vaginitis,annex inflammation,pelvic inflammatory disease,cervical decay and other gynecological diseases;
  • Preventive subsistence cross infection.

 The Usage Of Vaginal Tightening Wand                 

  • For first time usage, wet the wand", Cleanse the vaginal area and make it dry,
  • Relax and make yourself comfortable. Slowly insert 3 /4 of the length of the wand into the vagina.
  • Leave it inside for 1 minute.Then gently move the wand left and right as you SLOWLY drag it out of the vagina. Don't rush.
  • Clean this tightening wand with paper or towel  (do not wash it with water, this is handmade product) after every use and let it dry . Keep dry when not in use. Discard after using for 3 months.
  • For smooth insertion, always wet the vagina tightening stick before inserting into the vagina.
  • For vaginal tightening insert the wand into the vagina 20 minutes before making love.
  • Move it around (left and right) in the vagina for about 1-2 minutes before withdrawing it SLOWLY.
  • Do not leave the vagina tightening stick inside the vagina for more than 2 minutes, otherwise you will be so tight that your partner will have a hard time penetrating you.

Vaginal Shrinking Reusable Vaginal Tightening Rejuvenation Stick Price in Pakistan is Rs : 2,500.00 PKR


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Wow!! definitely getting more omg it even feels better to me like wow it makes me even wetter its so good

Excellent quality product. Works for me at least. That’s why I am recommending.

use for instead results is very good tnxk

Fantastic Product . Would reccommend!

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