Women Care Gel in Pakistan

Women Care Gel in Pakistan

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Brief : It Detoxifies By Pumping Out The Pathogens Such As Dampness And Toxins Of The Body Through The Acupoints On The Sole.

 Women Care Gel in Pakistan

Green World Women Care Gel Ingredients: Yellowish Sophora Extract, Motherwort Extract, Japanese Hircia Extract, Phellodendron Extract, Chinese Angelica Extract.

Green World Women Care Gel Packaging: 5 Disposable Syringes For 5 Gr.

Green World Women Care Gel How To Use: Once A Day, In The Evening, Use One Syringe For Processing. If Necessary, The Treatment Can Be Repeated In The Morning. Preventive Course 3-6 Days.

Green World Women Care Gel Purpose : Vaginitis, Itching, Inflammatory Processes, Thrush, Etc.

Green World Women Care Gel Precautions : Drug For Adults. Use During Pregnancy With Caution. Disposable Syringes. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.

Bactericidal Gel For Intimate Hygiene Consists Of Carefully Selected Plant Extracts, Rich In Various Bactericidal Substances, Which Are Able To Completely Destroy Harmful Microbes, But Not Affect The Beneficial Bacteria Of The Vagina.

In The Manufacture Of This Product Uses A Patented Production Technology, Using The Latest American Gel Dosing System. The Shape Of The Dispenser Has Been Developed In Accordance With The Structure Of The Female Body, Its Smooth Texture And Convenient Shape Provide An Easy Introduction, Which Greatly Enhances The Bactericidal Efficiency Of Herbs In The Fight Against Microbes. The Gel Does Not Affect The Action Of Other Medicines And Promotes The Growth Of Beneficial Cells And Tissues.

The Main Function Of The Bactericidal Gel For Intimate Hygiene Of The Company “green World”: Quickly And Effectively Save A Woman From Gynecological Diseases.

Green World Bactericidal Gel For Intimate Hygiene Has Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Regenerating Properties, Can Effectively Prevent And Quickly Solve Various Kinds Of Gynecological Inflammation Of The Vagina. Effective Against The Following Diseases: Bacterial Vaginosis, Vaginal Inflammation Caused By Trichomonas, Mixed Types Of Pathogens, Gonococcal Infection, Cervicitis, Cervical Erosion And Other Various Infections. The Gel Effectively Eliminates Inflammation, Erosion, Vaginal Itching, Unpleasant Smell, Increased Yellow-white Discharge And Other Gynecological Diseases.

Green World Bactericidal Gel For Intimate Hygiene Is Able To Regenerate Cells, Narrow The Walls Of The Vagina, Helps With Hypertension Of Varying Degrees Of Intensity In The Walls Of The Vagina. Able To Narrow The Vaginal Wall In 2-3 Times During The Week Of Use, Thereby Improving The Quality Of Sexual Life, Increases The Sensitivity.

The Use Of Bactericidal Gel For Intimate Hygiene Of Green World Helps Cleanse The Uterus And Vagina From Old Dead Cells And Blood Clots, Cleanses The Uterine Lining And Removes Harmful Substances, Eliminates The Source Of Fungal Infections, Completely Cleans And Protects The Entire Sexual System Of A Woman.

Bactericidal Gel For Intimate Hygiene Company Green World Promotes Secretion Of Female Hormones, Activates The Work Of Cells.

Bactericidal Gel For Intimate Hygiene Of The Company Green World:

Compatible With The Use Of Drugs, Sensitive To Bacteria That Are Resistant To Medicines. Able To Eliminate Bacteria That Could Not Eliminate Antibiotics;
Distinguishes Beneficial Bacteria, Protects Lactobacilli, Supports The Growth Of Other Beneficial Bacteria;
Protects The Acid Balance Of The Vagina, Reduces The Risk Of Recurring Disease; Rapid Acting Drug - Begins The Process Of Disintegration Of Pathogenic Microbes At 10 Seconds Already.

 Women Care Gel Price in Pakistan is 1,150/PKR


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