intestine Cleansing Tea in Pakistan

intestine Cleansing Tea in Pakistan

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Intestine Cleansing Tea Improves healthy bowel movement; Alleviates dyspepsia and flatulence; Improves functioning of digestive system Suitable for: People intend to detoxify their system People with constipation, pimples and dark spots on the skin.

Intestine Cleansing Tea: Cleanses the bowel and Discharge Body Toxin

Green World Intestine Cleasing Tea in Pakistan The Herbal Ingredients Of Green World In-cleansing Tea Prevent The Stubborn Stool From Sticking Onto The Wall Of The Large Intestine. This Herbal Tea Helps Healthy Bowel Movement Thus Enhancing Defecation And Detoxification, An Effective Solution For Constipation.

How To Use Intestine Cleasing Tea ?

  • For Those Who Intend To Detoxify.
  • For Those With Constipation.
  • 1-2 Sachets In A Day. The Same Sachet Serves About 5 Cups (Approximate Half A Liter) Of Tea.

In- Cleasing Tea Ingredients:

Spirulina Platensis Extract, Cassia Seed, Fructus Crataegi, Semen Coicis, Green Tea

Characteristics And Benefits:

  • Improves Healthy Bowel Movement
  • Alleviates Dyspepsia And Flatulence
  • Improves Functioning Of Digestive System

Suitable For:

  • People Intend To Detoxify Their System
  • People With Constipation, Pimples And Dark Spots On The Skin

Key Knowledge:

  • Cassia Seed Removes Intense Heat From The Liver, Improve Acuity Of Sight And Loosen The Bowels To Relieve Constipation. It Beautifies Through Detox.
  • Fructus Crataegi Is Also Known As Hawthorn Fruit, Which Has Been Used In Tcm For Dyspepsia And Flatulence. It Promotes Digestion, Improves Appetite, Assists Ingestion Of Meat, And Alleviates Food Retention. It Promotes Healthy Bowel Movement And Releves Constipation.
  • Semen Coicis Contains Highly Bioactive Compounds – Coixenolides, Which Improves The Water Retention Of The Body With Its Diurectic Properties. The Anti- Cancer Effect Helps Reduce Risk Of Colon Cancer.
  • Green Tea Assists Digestion By Increasing Secretion Of Stomach Juice. Apart From The Anti-oxidation Properties Of Catechins, Which Constitutes The Major Benefits Of Green Ta, It Accelerates Dissolving Of Triglycerides That Are Found In Our Small Intestine And Liver, And Helps The Toxin Excretion From The Intestinal Tracts.

Intestine Cleasing Tea Price in Pakistan is 2,500/PKR


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It Lubricates The Wall Of Large Intestine Helps Defecation Of Stubborn Stool Improves Detoxification And Constipation.

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